Our Events in 2015

MMI UK Physiology Challenge

MMI United Kingdom hosted its very first branch council event in the UK – the Physiology Challenge, in February 2015. For the first time ever, we had both Malaysian and non-Malaysian medical students gathered under the same roof for this quiz. Held in Imperial College London with the support of The Imperial College Malaysian Society, 8 teams of 3-5 medical students participated in the quiz, totalling up to 50 attendees including committee members and the general audience.

The event also invited two esteemed speakers – Mr John Yap, who is a consultant cardiac surgeon at The Heart Hospital, UCH London and specialises in a major aortic program over there; and Dr Faizul Nizam from the Medical Profession Development Branch in the MOH of Malaysia.

Alternatives to Clinical Practice

MMI Malaysia, in collaboration with Penang Medical College, organised the inter-varsity event – ‘Medicine: Alternatives to Clinical Practice’ in May 2015.

The main idea of this event is to increase awareness among our medical students on various different pathways that exists within the medical fraternity. The event witnessed attendees from 16 different medical institutions in Malaysia. Among topics discussed were differences between the life as a non-clinician versus that of a clinician, medical law, various aspects to research field opportunities and many more.

MMI Making An Informed Decision

MMI Making An Informed Decision (MAID) was a one-day medical student shadowing programme held at Hospital Sungai Buloh.

The aim of this event was to provide premedical students with insights to the life of a medical student. Participants were exposed to activities like Problem Based Learning and Bedside Teaching. This event was done in collaboration with three medical schools – Taylor’s University, MAHSA University & the Management & Science University (MSU).

A total of 150 participants from colleges all around Malaysia joined this event, alongside 75 volunteers and 20 medical educators who took part in this event.

Apart from the activities, participants and their parents also had the opportunity to sit through a talk delivered by the director of Hospital Sungai Buloh on problems faced by house officers around Malaysia. There was also a sharing session titled “Why I Became A Doctor”, where four doctors were invited to share the ups and downs they faced along their journey to embark on a career in practiced Medicine.

UK Med School 101

In August 2015, 115 pre-medical students from all around Malaysia and 40 UK medical student volunteers filled the spaces of HELP Academy for the event – “UK Med School 101: Your Complete Guide to UK Medical School Applications”. The programme consisted of a mixture of talks and workshops covering various segments of the UCAS application, ranging from the types of medical school cur- ricula to a medical ethics debate workshop.

The unique factor about UK Med School 101 is the fact that all talks and workshops were given by current medical students of different years from 20 UK universities, including top-ranking UK medical schools like the University of the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London. This, therefore, allowed advices to be given from a student’s point of view, which in most cases, most accurately reflect the actual experience of the application process.