About MMI

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An Introduction to MMI


Malaysian Medics International, or MMI, is a student-led organisation founded in 2013. With its rapid expansion and growing successes, MMI is anchored in its three pillars: to connect, to educate and to cultivate. We are dedicated to providing a professional environment for Malaysian medical students to network, keep themselves updated with healthcare issues and develop skills essential for their career. The group also provides information and ad- vice to prospective Malaysians who wish to pursue a medical degree in Malaysia.

Connect : To provide a common professional platform for Malaysian Medical Students hailing from different parts of the world to form a network.

Educate : To ensure that Malaysian medical students are kept abreast with recent healthcare issues and healthcare landscape in Malaysia.We also provide information and guidance to prospective Malaysian who wish to pursue a degree overseas.

Cultivate : To assist both prospective and current medical students to develop skills that will be essential for their carriers through talks and road shows

Our Organization

The governing body of Malaysian Medics International (MMI) is the MMI Executive Council. Under the MMI Executive council lies two established regional branch councils – MMI Malaysia and MMI United Kingdom.

The future of MMI is exciting with an upcoming regional branch council being set up in the Republic of Ireland. We are also looking into the possibility to expand and set up branch councils in India, Russia and Australia, all countries with a significant number of Malaysian medical students.

Our current outreach of representatives span over 10 countries, with more than 30 university ambassadors in Malaysia and 40 ambassadors around the world!

Read more about our MMI University Ambassador Programme here!

Ultimately, the greater goal of MMI is to assert itself as a peak representative body for all Malaysian medical students across the globe. With a huge target audience, MMI intends to transcend country borders and expand internationally by organizing large-scale events such as talks, conferences and summits to extend our influence and penetrate different social circles.

An exciting future

We at MMI are working hard to increase our outreach in all regions with Malaysian medical students worldwide. We believe this will help us achieve our aspiration to be a significant advocacy board for all Malaysian medical students worldwide in the near future.

We are also setting out to collaborate with many other Malaysian student organisations, relevant organisations, and the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. Through this, we hope to benchmark our events and projects while educating Malaysian medical students on the latest issues concerning the healthcare system and their future career progression.