MMS Insight Series: MMI Young Medics President

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MMI has personally played a big role in my journey in becoming a medical student. My first experience with MMI was the Multiple Mini Mock Interviews and the mock Skype interviews held with University of Manchester seniors in 2015 under MMI UK. I will forever be grateful for the honest feedback and meticulous suggestions given […]

MMS Insight Series: Tribeless Founder

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When purchasing tickets – you will find that you will have to choose between with or without a Tribeless Session. For the first time in the Summit, we are bringing forth a different kind of socialising event, from 4pm to 6pm on the first day, which will be designed and brought to you by Tribeless. […]

MMS Insight Series: MMI Executive Committee Co-Chair

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In designing the summit, we worked very hard to answer two questions – First was to pinpoint key features, relevant enough for every participating medic from every level to engage in discussion with; and the second was to ensure that everyone’s needs and interests were well explored. The answer to the first question was the […]

MMS Insight Series: Medefine UK on the Pre-Medical Segment

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Getting into medical school can be a daunting experience for some of us. There will be many questions that may play in your mind i.e “which university should I to apply to”, “is my work experience relevant”, “how best to structure my personal statement” and “is my UKCAT score high enough”. Our one -day event: […]

MMS Insight Series: MMI Doctors President

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What does it mean to look at The Bigger Picture? It means stepping back from the day-to-day and thinking about the entire medical profession and your place in it. It means taking a look at how your practice functions and searching for ways to make it better. It means being the best connected, the best […]

MMS Insight Series: MMI Ireland President

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Ever since I chose my path in medicine, I have always sought the ‘bigger picture’ or the ‘holistic approach’ for the healthcare field. Many doctors only immerse themselves in the clinical side of medicine. However, one should realize that in order to maximize potential and efficacy of delivery of healthcare, it is even more important […]

Doctor Transforming Lives

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Health without wealth Meet the Indian doctor transforming thousands of lives. Dr Devi Shetty’s pioneering methods are bringing world-class heart surgery to the masses Posted by The Economist on Thursday, November 26, 2015 Malaysians only need to pay RM1 for a service in the public hospitals in Malaysia. It’s certainly good news for everyone, but […]

Housemanship Guide (Malaysia Part 3)

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Hello Malaysian Medics! In this Part 3/5 Housemanship Guide, MMI will offer you a detailed guidance on the Housemanship Application, with particular focus on all the required documents. Stay tuned for Part 4/5!