Medical Chapter

The programme for the Medical Chapter will be running for both days of the conference, with different sessions shown below:
Three panels, discussing very real, pressing factors affecting our nations’s healthcare system. For more information about the panel topics, click here.
In collaboration with the University Malaya Medical Centre, this 2.5-hour session is for delegates to explore the various specialties that sparks their interest and to have a better understanding of the what, how, and why of the specialties. is a company who believes in conversations that build empathy, and in collaboration with MMI we create a safe space for participants to voice out their personal views on topics like:
  • Personal Passion and Values in Doing Medicine
  • Difficult conversations in Medical Practice
With panelists leading the discussion, we talk about pressing topics affecting our healthcare system – with topics varying from overseas vs local medical graduates, to quality of our medical education system.
Case & Research Presentation Competition Finals
Virtual Reality Advances in Medical Education
Gallery Exhibition