UK University Ambassadors

Our UK University Ambassadors


The United Kingdom has long been recognised as one of the most popular destinations among Malaysian students pursuing their medical education overseas.

We currently reach out to 20 out of the 34 medical schools across the United Kingdom. The university ambassadors in each medical school work closely with MMI in this project to expand our network of malaysian medical students in this region.

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  1. Vaishnevy Ganesh
  1. Amirul Ikhwan Adlan
  1. Tan Kean Hoong
  1. Magdalene Ting Yin Lin
  2. Danial bin Muhammad Syafiq Baljit
  1. Vanessa Yeo Yung Ling
  2. Ng Tze Gee
  1. Terrence Chin Kok Wai
  1. Chua Shu Wan
  1. Chean Chung Shen
  1. Melor Nungsari
  1. Dharsshini Reveendran
  1. Joni Tan Ern Ling
  1. Joanna Ting
  2. Michelle Wing