MMI Malaysia
A Country Branch Council

Malaysian Medics International (MMI) Malaysia is one of the largest branch councils of MMI, with the involvement of more than 50 medical students from various universities across Malaysia. It was founded in 2013 by a group of enthusiastic medical students who aspired to be more than your average doctors. In keeping with the spirit of the founders of MMI, we believe in empowering each other and guiding our peers in our constant growth to become competent clinician-scientists. Clinician because we hold true to our primary aim of entering the medical field, and scientists because we hope to pioneer scientific breakthroughs that lead to the advancement of our healthcare service in the future.

Ultimately, our greater goal is to be the peak representative body for all Malaysian medical students. With a huge target audience, we aim to transcend geographical borders by organizing events such as talks, conferences, and summits across various states in Malaysia to further extend our influence and support Malaysia’s future healthcare leaders. We also intend to create a united front by involving the local community in highlighting the healthcare issues faced by Malaysians, in our constant battle against health inequalities. 

With these goals in mind, we put our utmost emphasis on our motto “to connect, to educate, and to cultivate”.


Realizing the need to bridge the gap between Malaysian medics from all over the country, MMI Malaysia provides numerous networking opportunities to connect all Malaysian medical students. We listen to the needs of Malaysian medical students and we strive to provide a professional environment for them to network and keep themselves updated with current healthcare issues, while developing the skills essential for their career pathways.