MMI Executive Council

Our executive council is an elected central establishment which govern all councils under the jurisdiction of Malaysian Medics International. The Executive Council of 2019/2020 oversee the councils of UK, Malaysia, Ireland, Australia and Doctors. The Executive Council is made up of 11 Executive Committees and President and Vice President of the respective Branch Councils.

Council of 2019/2020

Dr Darien Liew Daojuin


Monash University Malaysia

An active researcher and a recent graduate. He is currently a Research Assistant with Monash University.

Low Wen Yan


University College Cork

Wen Yan is a fourth year medical student in University College Cork. He talks a lot so approach him to know more about MMI!

Shen Yung Toh


University of New South Wales

A final year medical student in The University of New South Wales who loves paediatrics but respects O&G from a distance

Jiang An Lim


University of Cambridge

Jiang An Lim is a 4th year medical student at the University of Cambridge. He enjoys taking part in clinical research alongside his studies

Chong Hui Yuan

Co-Creative Director

Monash University Malaysia

A 3rd year medical student at Monash University Malaysia with an interest in surgery. She loves art and hopes to grow along with MMI


Goh Wern Sze

Co-Creative Director

Monash University Malaysia

Quoting a close friend, she is a 3rd-year medical student with a touch of artistic charm, pursuing her passion in both art and medicine in MMI

Loh Hoi Yan

Design Executive

Monash University Malaysia

A 4th year medical student at Monash University Malaysia who is interested in infectious disease medicine and keen to learn about clinical research.


Rebekah Rhema Gobinathan

Social Media Executive

Monash University Malaysia

A caffeine powered 3rd year medical student at Monash University Malaysia. She loves meeting new people, a good cup of coffee and long walks with her dog, Sparky.

Dr Mohd Syameer Firdaus

Advocacy Director

Monash University Malaysia

A research-driven medical professional who is currently an active contributor to Cochrane Collaboration and an active researcher with Monash University.

Dr Arisha Emily Yap

Director of Mental Health Initiative

Taylor's University

A recent graduate from Taylor’s University currently living the medical student dream being with MMI. Cool, calm and collected is what you’ll always find her to be.

Chua Yizhi

Information Technology Director

Queen's University Belfast

A 3rd year medical student with no particular interest in any specialty yet but is keen to explore the vast opportunities within the healthcare world.

Structure of the Executive Council

The Executive Council 2019/2020 will depart from previous council structure. The current structure adopts several new positions within the Executive body, including Advocacy Director (and the director of respective advocacy projects) and Publications Director. All members of the Executive Council carries a 12 month tenure from September to August of the following year.


Past Executive Councils

  • Co-Chair : Sobanna Nair A/P Appunni
  • Co-Chair : Denise Tan
  • Secretary : Ho Hai Wen
  • Treasurer : Tan Li Yin
  • IT Director : Ian Tan Jin Zi
  • IT Director : Khaw Shen Chuen
  • Creative Director : Tan Wei Wen
  • Creative Director : Low Wen Yan
  • Co-Chair : Eunice Lim Yuying
  • Co-Chair : Ng Choon Jin
  • Secretary : Nien Sze Fong
  • Treasurer : Tan Li Yin
  • Internal Relations Officer : Michelle Wong
  • IT Director : Ian Tan

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