University Ambassador

Here at MMI and our branch councils, we have an extremely well-connected and vibrant community. The MMI University Ambassador (UA) programme currently spans 4 countries around the world, with over 100 ambassadors representing universities in Malaysia, U.K, Ireland and Australia.


With the ever expanding population of Malaysian medical students, we are hoping to expand our outreach to many more countries and universities. If you think you are a self-motivated leader, why not join our network and be a University Ambassador for your own medical school today!

As a University Ambassador, you will :

  • Be in the network! You can be the contact point of the Malaysian medical students in your medical school to MMI and other Malaysian medical students around the world.
  • Always be the first to hear from MMI and your local community of medical students, and be able to share and promote MMI and its’ branch councils’ events to the others in your university so they have an opportunity to benefit from the events too!
  • Organise meet-and-greet events to form a meaningful relationship with your fellow Malaysians across all academic years studying in your medical school. We will always be here to help you plan such events!
  • Have a chance at organising events locally and internationally through various branch councils.

What do you gain from this?

  • Well, you will gain a network of friends and future colleagues. You will get to know more doctors, form meaningful relationships and stand a chance at opportunities you never though could happen.
  • Leadership! As part of the organising team, you will get to learn how to plan and manage projects. Every project is curated and you will be shaping your own personal growth, in the process, you will acquire skills that are essential to your medical career.

University Ambassadors

If you are interested in becoming our ambassador, you may apply through these branch councils, depending on where your country of education is! If you are found in a country where we have not yet set up a council, check out our International Ambassador page for more information!


Branch Councils with a University Ambassador program:

College Ambassadors

We also recruited college ambassadors under the MMI Young Medics chapter. Presently, our college ambassador program is only limited to pre-university or premedical students studying in Malaysia.


To find out more, check out MMI Young Medics.