Tan Li Yin | 18-20th & 22-23rd January 2019

MMI Hears You is designed as a community service project to generate awareness about the deaf community among the public, particularly young budding doctors. We recognise this as a crucial aspect in our future working lives as we will be encountering patients from various backgrounds with different needs.

To date, there has been no such project carried out amongst medical students and possibly amongst university students as well, thus making this project the first of its kind. Aside from providing exposure to basic sign language skills, we hope to shed some light on this underrepresented community to allow for greater understanding among the participants, aside from building a strong foundation and embarking on long term growth as a community.

30 medical students from across the country were involved in the program which last for 5 days – first 3 days in Malaysian Federation of the Deaf and last 2 days at Sunway Medical Centre. The first half of the program generated an overwhelming response from the community with regards to sign language and deaf culture whereas the second half allowed medical students to apply those skills in the clinical settings. Overall, the whole program went well and everyone benefited greatly from this event.


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