Fundamentals of Surgery

10th November 2019 – MMI doctors organized a confab along with a surgical based workshop. It was MMIs first surgical workshop organized by Dr. Ho Jen Wae, Dr. Sughontha Bhirom and Dr Sudhir Kumar, held at Cranial Cavity in Jaya 1. The turnout was mostly medical graduates eagerly waiting for their house officer post. The event covered practical topics such as suturing, instrument and hand tie, plastering and closed manipulative reduction and perineal tears and repairs. 

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the program and judging from the feedback we received. Much of our thanks goes out to Hepatobiliary surgeon, Dr Koong Jun Kit, who provide his invaluable insight to entering general surgical training, and his pathway to becoming a transplant surgeon, and guided the junior doctors on the practical skills of suturing and tying. A total 9 Medical Officers kindly volunteered their own time to hand down skills in which they have acquired through their lengthy training. 


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