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Greetings Malaysian Medics!

We welcome the new decade and we want to start it with something fresh! 


If you are reading this then that only means our website is back! Though much still needs to be worked on in our website but we couldn’t be happier to have it back up and running. 2019/2020 term denotes MMI’s 8th year and we are all set with our goals and future directions. This year, we have made huge changes to our organisation. We first discussed about MMI’s direction and we decided that as an established medical student body that aims to represent Malaysian medical students and doctors locally and abroad, we hope to strengthen our unity through advocacy. This year, we have decided to expand our Executive Council to now include an Advocacy Director as well as a few other members who will be supporting us in our projects.


With regards to our Advocacy, we could not be more thrilled to reinforce our existing projects and to add in new establishments. Several projects that have been done in the past will now properly be managed under the Executive Council to unite our efforts across councils. Relatable projects that fall under Mental Health such as the past 2 mental health symposiums organised under MMI Malaysia, the ASSIST workshops by MMI Ireland will all now be pertinent to our Mental Health Initiative, along with future mental health related projects. Queer Health Initiative forms part of our second advocacy priority as we identify the need to advocate for the health rights of the LGBTQI community. One of our previous establishments is the Cure the Culture initiative. This year, to aid in achieving our short term goals by August 2020, prior to the Summit, we have taken bold steps to organise several projects that will, hopefully, span across Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and of course, our home country, Malaysia, in line with our advocacy priorities.


With the centralisation of our website, our councils will now work closer with each other and the Executive Council in ensuring their events or projects are persistently updated. 


We are more than happy to see MMI’s growth maturing alongside its team members whom we’ve pledge with all the leaders to help grow and cultivate. Being a medical student should not only be book-smart but should also be equipped with skills essential to their future careers as doctors. Being a part of MMI allows that leadership skill to develop. 

Wen Yan (left) and Darien Liew (right) are the current Co-Chairs of the Executive Council 2019/2020.

Best regards,

Darien Liew & Low Wen Yan


MMI Executive Council 2019/2020


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